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Welcome to S.A.Industries

We are the best manufacturersof Material Handling Equipments

we, SA Industries, are one of the pioneers in custom built design; manufacturers and supply of industrial & steel plants material handling equipments.We have adequate facilities to achive inbuilt for fabricated products in line with the customer drawing specification.

Services We do

1.50 CuM Sigle Rope Grab Bucket

Grab buckets are designed as per, volume of material to be lifted and its cycle timeof clelivenng the raw matenal to other line.

Transfer Cart Image

Transfer Cart

Coil/Sheet bundle/blooms & ingot transfer cars will be generally designed with motorized/battery operated or winch driven as per.

Slab Tongs Image

Slab Tong

Lifting tongs for different applications will be designed with stress analysis carried out Ansys for different capacity and size of the ingots,..

Coil Tilter Upender image

Coil Tilter Upender

Coil Tilter Upender provides an easy and efficient way to upend metal coils, molds, dies and other heavy and bulky loads. Mechanical upenders,..

Hydraulic Scissor Lift Image

Hydraulic Scissor Lift

This type of motorized Hydraulic Scissor Lift table will be used to lift the dies or any materials from ground to required height. The loading bearing links will be fabricated with,..

Ingot Tong Image

Ingot Tong

The main load bearing links and lifting bail plate fabricated with high tensile SAILMA 350 HI plate and duly stress relieved after full welding ,..

Why choose S.A Industries

25 Years of Experince

This is a fast growing service and the experience helps in satisfying the customer needs.

Creative Designers

S A Industries are well known for their excellent professional service and commitment.

Quality Products

We provide high quality products only to our customers, our prodcuts are certified.

Trusted Team

Our Professional Team Members are rewarded for the great work they do.

Free Consultation

We providing free consultation about our equipments, budget and etc but it is free for all.

Best Customer Support

whenever and wherever you need our support you can contact our customer support team.

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