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Lifting Tongs

Lifting tongs for different applications will be designed with stress analysis carried out Ansys for different capacity and size of the ingots. The main load bearing links and lifting bail plate fabricated with high tensile SAILMA 350 HI plate and duly stress relieved after full welding.

Suitable auto gravity latch type lock provided at top for opening & closing of the main link jaws during lifting of the cold or hot jobs with extra safety. All the hinge pins made out of EN8/C45 which is housed in gun metal bushes.Special alloy material with serrations provided at job gripping point on main link ends.

Vc Coil Tong Image

VC Coil Tong

Lifting Tongs

Ingot-Tong Image


Lifting Tong

Paper Roll Image

Paper Roll

Lifting Tong

Mill Roll Tong Image

Mill Roll

Lifting Tong

Lifting Tong Image


Lifting Tong

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